Ishtara Jewellery plans expansion into Europe

Ishtara Jewellery, a Singapore business with origins in India, plans to expand within Asia and into Europe and the Middle East.

MD and owner Parthiban Murugaiyan says Ishtara is marketing Indian-made gold jewellery in Singapore and its sister company Luvenus Jewellery is retailing international brands overseas.

The company has been importing Indian gold and diamond jewellery into Singapore for 20 years under its previous name India Jewellery Pte Ltd. It has just completed a rebranding.

Now Ishtara is planning to open retail stores and showrooms in Hong Kong, India – and further afield in Europe and the Middle East. It will also focus on airports, with a Mumbai airport contract already reportedly signed..

“We are catering to the younger generation of South Asian diaspora with fashionable jewelleries by setting up showrooms and retail outlets globally, especially starting with airports,” Murugaiyan said in an interview with the Press Trust of India, reported by the Business Standard online.


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