Balmain x H&M Singapore fans queue for three days

Swedish fast fashion retailer H&M starts selling its latest design collaboration range tomorrow (November 5) and already it seems to be the most eagerly anticipated retail launch of the year.

City shoppers eager to get first pick of the Balmain x H&M Singapore collection began queuing on Monday – yes, Monday: three days before the H&M flagship store in the Orchard Building starts selling the coveted collection.

By midnight Tuesday there were nine people in the queue, mainly students keeping their group’s place in the pecking order. At its head was a 21 year old Neo Jin Han who told Channel News Asia he took his place at 6.30pm on Monday.

H&M has posted images of the range online so shoppers know what to expect.

The company has also set ground rules for shoppers to provide the fairest opportunity for all to snap up a genuine clothing item bearing the French Balmain name.

Singapore shoppers can buy only one item each. Shoppers will be issued coloured wrist bands in groups of 30 and given just 10 minutes to make their purchase.

So by opening time tomorrow Neo Jin Han, and a friend he will swap places with in the queue on a shift roster, will have queued for more than 60 hours for a 10 minute window to buy one item of clothing.

Despite H&M’s reputation for low prices, the Balmain x H&M collection still comes with a hefty price tag, albeit considerably less than the luxury brand’s usual asking price.

A faux fur and leather jacket is priced at S$249, a velvet dress with braiding $399 and a simple white tshirt with velvet black print for $59.50.

Meanwhile, photos of the queuers and their comments can be seen on Channel News Asia.


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