ShopBack Singapore takes broader approach

In a bid to venture beyond its core offering of paying people to shop online, ShopBack Singapore spent a week polling the public to find out which everyday activities Singaporeans would be happy to accept money for.

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Since its establishment in September 2014, the startup has given almost SG$2 million (US$1.4 million) in refunds to shoppers through their bank or PayPal accounts. It has a base of more than 250,000 shoppers.

“Apart from getting Cashback for shopping online at any one of our 500-plus retailers, we’ve learnt that some of our customers hope to get paid for their daily actions as well,” says country head Josephine Chow.

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One of the popular options to emerge from the ShopBack Singapore survey was that shoppers would like to receive cash back for passing through Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantries. “Perhaps Singaporeans will be more forgiving toward ERP, satellite-based or not, if Cashback is available?” Chow says. “We’re still sorting out the results and discussing the feasibility of giving Cashback as suggested.”

Other crowd favourites include recompense for finding matches on dating apps, for paying a penalty for taking durians on MRT trains, and for catching bosses swearing.

Shopback Singapore will announce the top five actions shortly.


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