Michael Kors Singapore flagship nears

The first Michael Kors Southeast Asia flagship store will open in Singapore next month.

The Michael Kors Singapore flagship store will cover 7000 sqft (650 sqm) at Mandarin Gallery.

The New York designer describes Singapore as having a problem of two extremes: “When you’re outside, it’s so hot and humid; but then, when you’re inside, you’re so freezing because the air conditioning is insane.”

He says this means people need to be able to layer clothing, to peel things off when outdoors and put on again inside.

Kors also notes the weather is changing around the world. “We sell boots in Miami now and I sell sandals in Moscow, because the weather is crazy.”

Michael Kors Holdings, which is publicly listed, has more than 880 retails stores worldwide. It had total revenue of US$987.9 million between April and June, up from $986 million the same period last year.

Executive director Mukesh Valiram of Kors’ Singaporean backer Valiram Group says the launch of the flagship marks the group’s confidence in the brand and market.

“My customers are very busy, live a very fast active life and I think they love glamour and they love indulgence, but they also like practicality,” says Kors. “They like comfort. They dress for speed.”


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