Chimney Cake outlet launches in Singapore

Singapore has its first Chimney Cake shop, featuring the Hungarian pastry known as kürtőskalács.

It has opened at Scape in Orchard Link.


Shaped like a chimney – perhaps appropriately with Christmas approaching – the cakes are made from layers of sweet yeast dough. A single strip is wrapped around a cone-shaped mould and cooked until golden brown. As the treats are made to order, service takes about 10 minutes.

The menu offers either sweet or savoury versions, and toppings can include cinnamon sugar and peanuts. Top-ups cost a little extra and include peanut butter or cream cheese for the sweet chimney cakes, or chicken ham, turkey bacon or salted egg for the savoury version.

There is also a special Softserve version with the choice of vanilla or chocolate – or both flavours.


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