Platform 1094 cafe offers Harry Potter experience

Singapore has a new cafe inspired by Harry Potter, Platform 1094 in Serangoon Rd.

It features warm lighting, wood-panelled walls, tabletop candles, a ceiling candelabra and chairs decorated with deer heads. There is also a witch’s hat and a choice of magic wands to photo opportunities.


Meals come on wooden boards etched with the trademark Harry Potter lightning font, and drinks are served in glass beakers. The menu offers Western dishes, artisan desserts, confections and drinks with such names as Amnesia Blend, Arendelle and Fairy’s Garden.

A chef’s recommendation is Suhnitzel Sous-vide Duck Breast, a schnitzel served with bacon cream sauce, mashed potato, pomelo and vegetables.


Laced with alcohol, the feature dessert is Bloodberry, which comprises two chocolate ball shells, one filled with yogurt parfait, and the other with Hoegaarden Rosee mousse, topped with berry foam and honey caviar.

The signature drink is Goblet of Fire, which is assembled before the customer. Bacardi is lowered into Blue Curacao liqueur then ignited with a blowtorch. As the flames rise, customers shake in cinnamon powder.

There are also cupcakes, with the white-chocolate truffle-topped Witch’s Cup and Wizard’s Cup (containing alcohol) featuring chocolate motifs like a gold frog and witch’s face. The Witch’s Cup is based on a pumpkin sponge, while the Wizard’s Cup tastes of stout.

Other confections that can be bought off the counter include rainbow cakes, opera cakes and brownies.


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