Artist working with #CharlesKeithCurates promo

Singaporean footwear and accessories brand Charles & Keith is collaborating with local artist Limzy Lim as part of its #CharlesKeithCurates digital campaign.

The campaign seeks to document fashion through creativity.

Lim – LoveLimzy on Instagram – is known for incorporating petals, leaves and even whole flowers on top of delicate illustrations to create portraits and artworks.

“Art is about the emotional charge and energy with you, the art piece and the surroundings,” she says. “A good painting will elevate your room with positive vibes and colourful energy. The same goes for fashion.

“I think it’s absolutely great that many brands see the potential of individual artists and designers. It’s such an experimental and fun era that embraces creativity and freedom of speech – you can basically create or do anything.”

Lim has created two artworks for Charles & Keith Malaysia that will be printed on canvas tote bags as a limited-edition gift with purchase. The bags are available in stores until June 18.


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