Mt Sapola Singapore evolves as Hysses

Skincare company Mt Sapola Singapore has relaunched itself as Hysses as its moves beyond its spa-at-home heritage.

“In the past 10 years we have grown as a company to have a stronger sense of who we are and what we can deliver, which allows us to tell compelling stories while sharing our knowledge,” says founder/MD Cheryl Gan.

Gan launched the company in Singapore in 2007 with a store in Tanglin Mall. Its products were made in Thailand, where the brand was run independently. As the business began to grow in Singapore, Gan set up Barn & Potter, a specialised laboratory with its own manufacturing arm, in 2010.

By 2013, at least 60 per cent of Mt Sapola Singapore’s retail products were made and packed locally. New scents were exclusively sold in Singapore and Malaysia. As overseas distributors started asking for the new scents, not available in Thailand, the products were rebranded as Barn & Potter.

Franchise requests

Mt Sapola Singapore also started receiving a growing number of requests for franchise opportunities, so Gan decided it was time for the company to form its own brand identity. Three years later, Hysses is ready to roll out globally.
Its bodycare range has expanded from six to 13 scents, each formulated to address a particular skin problem. Similarly, the haircare range has added bioactive ingredients to tackle such problems as thinning or hair loss.

Meanwhile, the laboratory and manufacturing spaces have tripled in size to meet demand.

“Hysses” is adapted from the Chinese word for “native village” as the brand’s ingredients such as essential oils, herbs, stones and earthenware are sourced from villages.

Renovations have started on the company’s boutiques in Singapore and Malaysia, with the full transformation targeted to finish by the end of the year. This will be followed by the rollout of an online store.


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