McDonald’s Singapore: Lock up your phone

In a bid to help families reconnect, McDonald’s Singapore has introduced a locker for mobile phones at its Marine Cove flagship.

Its new“Family Playdate” concept includes table service with the aim of promoting human interaction.

McDonald’s says a survey it ran shows that more than 90 per cent of parents and children use their mobile devices when they’re together, despite most parents wanting to be “more disciplined in staying away from digital distractions during family time”.

Rather than go hi-tech, the 100 clear lockers have physical keys, and staff members will remind customers to take their phones when they leave.

Staff members will also act as “guest experience leaders”, says the fast-food company. They will “engage with families”. When ordering at a self-service kiosk, customers can select the table-service option at no extra charge

A McDonald’s Singapore says the restaurant will gather feedback on the initiatives to decide whether or not to expand them to other outlets.


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