Grand Castella Cake joins sweet line-up

A third castella cake brand has entered Singapore, with Taiwan’s Grand Castella Cake opening its first outlet at Serangoon’s Nex shopping mall.

Grand Castella Cake Nex Mall

Founded in 2010, the brand offers four versions of the fluffy cake: the original, cheese, chocolate and a local flavour, pandan.

Introduced by Huat 99 Lah, the Taiwanese brand will open a second outlet at Raffles City Shopping Mall by the end of the year.

Grand Castella has its roots in Taipei, which is also home to the cake (a competitor also set up shop in 2010 and both claim to be the “original”). Castella cakes are Japanese sponge cakes made with flour, sugar, eggs and starch syrup, and are usually sold in long boxes. The Taiwanese version is lighter and fluffier, almost like a chiffon cake.

Already in Singapore is Taiwan’s Le Castella, which sparked a following when it introduced the cake in May, and Malaysia’s Ah Mah Homemade Cake, which opened in July.


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