Huoyanshaiziniu bringing Taiwan taste

Taiwanese flame-grilled beef cubes are about to arrive in Singapore with the opening of the Huoyanshaiziniu store in Plaza Singapura.

Hanyu pinyin for “flamed, diced beef cubes”, Huoyanshaiziniu is being launched on January 20 by two young Singaporeans.They say that while the dish may look similar to those sold at night markets across Taiwan, the Singapore outlet is not a franchise but a “self-made brand”.

Co-owner Sean Lee, 23, says he had initially approached Taiwanese business owners, together with his friend Cheo Tian Feng, 21, to discuss the possibility of launching a franchise. When this option failed, the two decided to forge ahead with their own version of the street food, and have since trademarked their brand in South-east Asia.

The shop will serve Angus rib-eye beef-steak cubes cooked over a grill then torched and sprinkled with seasoning.

For the lunch crowd, the shop will offer a rice set option, plus three seasoning choices with more to be introduced later.

It is the first business venture for the two friends, who came up with the idea while they were both in national service. They registered their company in November, on the day they both completed service. They have spent $250,000 on the venture.


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