Olive and Latte branches into books

Olive and Latte ABS (arts, bites, shop) has launched an accessories and books e-store, Olive and Latte Globeshop.

It also offers art pieces from around the world.

“It has been a fun and heart-filled inspiring journey working on Olive and Latte ABS, which started as a content-generation and share-network platform,” says founder Sharon Vu, who also owns PR and marketing consultancy Vu Marcoms, Engagevu and Elab Perspectives Collab.

Already, Globeshop has taken on a senior adviser, Markus Flamman, who offers media, digital and procurement expertise.

With pieces such as memorabilia being curated, Olive and Latte is having its clients tell their stories about their favourite items.

Meanwhile, Olive and Latte is also planning events featuring business innovators.

Olive and Latte ABS started in 2014 as an online content provider.


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