W Optics Suntec City still leads Singapore’s eyewear market

The W Optics Suntec City flagship chalks up its fifth anniversary this year – and it is still the city’s largest, most advanced optical retail store.

With a footprint of 5000sqft and packed with experiential and technical features it has become a benchmark for the category for the whole of Asia.

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Features like a Kid’s Corner to educate young ones on myopia management.

W Optics is one of the few optical retail chains in Singapore to offer myopia control services for children in its Myopia Control Centre, located at the flagship store.

In January, W Optics collaborated with Essilor to develop the Vision Studio and Nautilus VR Experience to create a differentiated consumer experience which showcases lifestyle solutions and even myopia management solutions.

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W Optics was founded with a vision to provide greater levels of service and vision care for Singapore and this month it has launched a new service named “W Eyexperience”, a comprehensive 30-minute eye examination costing S$80, using five clinical-grade equipment to detect a variety of eye conditions, enabling the optometrists to prescribe the most appropriate corrective lenses or alternative vision solutions.  

“W Optics is a customer-centric brand that is committed to advancing the service level of vision care in Singapore. Our mantra is ‘service before solutions’, so our patrons’ eye health always comes first. The new W Eyexperience therefore represents a hallmark of our endeavour, an embodiment of our brand values,” said Jonathan Wong, director of W Optics.

“In vision care, modern technology and capable optometrists are key to raising service standards. To achieve this, we keep ourselves abreast of the latest developments in vision care from around the globe, while ensuring our specialists receive regular training to raise their professional competency.”

W Optics also boasts an extensive selection of more than 60 brands comprising eyewear, ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and speciality lenses  and more than 3500 eyewear designs from budget frames through to uber‑luxe labels.


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