Tmall extends coverage for midyear sales

Alibaba’s Tmall says it has extended its upcoming 618 midyear sales to several markets across the Asia-Pacific.

This year, consumers in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia will be able to join customers in Mainland China in accessing “billions of products at deep discounts online and offline” during the event.

“This year’s 618 midyear sales coincides with the Dragon Boat Festival. It is a good opportunity for overseas Chinese to buy festive products and to build the understanding and connections with Chinese culture,” says Tmall export and import GM Alvin Liu. “For some markets, shipment by sea is now a delivery option, meaning consumers can literally buy a dragon boat on Tmall and have it delivered to their doorstep.”

Another key element this year is New Retail, combining online and offline elements. “Pop-up stores in overseas markets will allow visitors to scan product QR codes and place orders online,” says Liu.

Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan customers will be offered such promotions as free shipping.

Tmall is working with more than 70 shopping malls and commercial districts across Mainland China and Asia to open pop-up stores that will offer consumers a seamless online and offline shopping experience.

In these stores, consumers can sample new technologies such as product recommendations based on facial scans, smart-fitting, smart fashion advisors and scan-to-access product information.


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