Singapore’s Spaceman furniture lands in Hong Kong

Singaporean space-saving furniture brand Spaceman has launched in Hong Kong.

The Spaceman furniture brand, which aims to transform homes, hotels and other properties by maximising living spaces, has opened a 1600sqft showroom in Horizon Plaza. Spaceman’s furniture is designed and built in Italy, with each piece being highly multifunctional and featuring collapsible and transformable components.

Matthew Levin, CEO of Spaceman, said “With the average flat in Hong Kong just 484sqft, space is a premium. We help our customers make the most out of their living areas by designing furniture solutions for their homes. We can transform living rooms into dining rooms, dining rooms into bedrooms, bedrooms into study rooms. Our goal is to utilise our clients’ space better and bring value to their lives”.

Spaceman’s consultants work closely with customers to design and build furniture to maximise home space based on a floor plan. They create a 3D visual of the projected result, including all dimensions and finishes.

Spaceman furniture maintains high sustainability, using recycled materials and water-based paints for the structure of the wall beds, which can be dismantled and re-installed into a new room or home at any time.


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    Brandflow posted on August 24, 2019

    Faulty and highly expensive products with an egoistic CEO who refuse to rectify his company mistake writing nasty email to customer. Will escalate to consumer council reply

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