Chinese cosmetics brand Marie Dalgar to debut in Singapore

Cosmetics brand Marie Dalgar, known for its mascaras for Chinese women, is ready to launch in Sephora Singapore next month.

The grafted mascara products, currently sold at a rate of one every 15 seconds in more than 16,000 stores and counters throughout China, will be available at all Singaporean Sephora stores and online.

The eight different mascaras in the range offer various effects, from curling to lifting to lengthening. They coat each eyelash with thick, long fibre to enhance thickness and length.

Founder and inventor Masa Cui says the biggest challenge for the brand in Singapore will be making consumers more confident about the ‘Made in China’ label.

“Times are changing and (I hope) everyone will recognise the changing enterprises in China. The most important thing is that we insist on branding from the perspective of people. Making products requires extreme sensitivity, especially in the makeup industry. You are not meeting the demand but creating demand, so you must observe the market more deeply than the consumer.

“Singapore women are more daring as they have more variety in their cosmetics and will do their make-up every day. Chinese women tend to have more functional makeup, but they are increasingly willing to try.”

Cui says Marie Dalgar has always insisted on technology-driven innovation and innovation-driven business development.

“But at the same time, we must understand our brand better than consumers to let the experience hit the hearts of people.”


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