Consumers warned about LuxStyle International

Singapore shoppers have been warned about dealing with LuxStyle International Sales.

The Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) has released a consumer advisory notice updating its previous advisory on LuxStyle, reminding consumers that they are “not obliged to make any payment to a business for goods or services that they did not explicitly agree to purchase”.

The Case advisory follows complaints it had received against the Danish online retailer dating back to 2016. The complainants held that LuxStyle had sent out payment notices to consumers who had not agreed to any purchase. According to consumer reports, site visitors were charged by the firm after having entered personal payment information for the purposes of viewing prices, even though they had not proceeded to make a purchase.

Case issued a consumer alert against LuxStyle in May 2017, but has received a further 18 complaints against the business since then.

Some consumers have now been contacted by a debt collection agency asking for payments claimed by the firm. According to the advisory, since contacting the collection agency Case has been assured all related debt recovery action has now been cancelled, and that any consumer who made payments on the matter should be fully refunded.


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