Muji Singapore to offer home renovation products

Muji Singapore is set to expand its offer to include the new Muji Renovation concept.

By 2025, Muji Singapore customers might be able to go to the Japanese retailer for a complete home transformation, said Satoru Matsuzaki, president and representative director of Muji owner Ryohin Keikaku.

“I always want to bring new formats to Singapore first, develop it here, then [take] it out to the region,” Matsuzaki added.

“Coming soon for Singapore shoppers is the expansion of the Muji Walker active wear range, launched in the 2018 Spring/Summer season and meant for light exercise.

“This is really a good match for Singapore,” said Matsuzaki, pointing to the island’s year-long warm weather and ageing, health-conscious population.

It also aims to expand its product range, narrowing the gap between the 7000 items sold in Japan and the 4000 here.

Store sizes will expand as well, from an average of 6000sqft to some 18,000sqft.

Strong sales have fuelled the brand’s confidence and the plans to expand store footprints. Despite the local retail sector supposedly being on the downtrend, Muji Singapore’s sales are rising steadily each year.

Meanwhile, Muji is seeking a court order for Singapore retailer Iuiga to stop its use of the Muji mark and the retailer is launching first store in Vietnam next year.

Muji Singapore opened first store in 2003, and now has 11 local outlets.


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