Featured store: Doc’s Barbershop in Chengdu

Doc’s Barbershop has opened in Chengdu, a stunning retail space that also features a cocktail bar.

Docs barber shop Chengdu 1

The store was designed by Shanghai-based H Creates Design, headed by New Zealander Hannah Churchill.

Docs barber shop Chengdu 2

The Chengdu Taikoo Li mall venue delivers a bold, modern look with elegant accents, including a large curved plush velvet banquette and logo-etched copper wall.

Docs barber shop Chengdu 3

Churchill describes the design as “vintage but with clever pops of texture and colour” to give a modern and fresh look.

Docs barber shop Chengdu 4

“In a busy retail mall, the store aims to provide a place of refuge where a discerning patron relaxes, with a beverage in hand or having their grooming needs met.”

Docs barber shop Chengdu 5
Docs barber shop Chengdu 6

The entrance is centred around a high-end cocktail bar with vintage mirror and classic detailing. The seating area to the right uses leather and velvet to create a touch of elegance is flanked on one side by a cooper-panelled wall.  The eight barber’s stations have been designed for comfort of the staff as well as providing a high-end luxury experience for the clientele.

Docs barber shop Chengdu 7

Photography: Mick Ryan.


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