Shiseido launches art installation at Jewel Changi

Shiseido Travel Retail has teamed up with Jewel Changi Airport and TeamLab to launch an art installation called Sense.

Located at ‘Shiseido Forest Valley’ in the mall, the installation engages the senses through sound, smell, sight and touch.

“We know that consumers are now looking for stories and brands that can represent their mission in a manner that resonates with their individual narratives,” said Philippe Lesne, President and CEO of Shiseido Travel Retail.

“Together with our partners, Jewel Changi Airport and TeamLab, we are excited to unveil this immersive experience to take our consumers and travellers from around the world beyond the realms of traditional retail.”

The installation transforms as visitors progress further into the forest’s depths, honing their sense of sight as lights dance and flicker.

Composer and musician Yota Morimoto has created a soundtrack especially for the feature, designed to “reignite visitors’ aural senses along this sensory exploration” and recreate “the breathing sound” of a natural forest.

A blend of natural elements, as well as Japanese and Western instruments create tones aimed at relieving stress and tension.

As night falls and the resonating forest by TeamLab comes alive, another musical arrangement takes its place, aimed at creating a sense of balance and harmony.

The ‘Ultimune’ scent, created by Shiseido’s Dr Tomonori Ueda for the installation is also aimed at relieving stress and creating a calming effect.

To enhance the experience, visitors can interact with their surroundings, by downloading the Jewel Changi Airport app on iTunes or Google Play to access Shiseido’s Sense app.

After that, they can conclude the experience by a message on the virtual Shiseido Tree.

“The collaboration with Shiseido and TeamLab will showcase another facet of the unique Jewel experience that is co-curated with our partnership to delight visitors,” said Hung Jean, CEO of Jewel Changi Airport Devt.


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