Case names and shames Singapore beauty stores using pressure-sales tactics

Case has named and shames beauty stores routinely using pressure-sales tactics.

Case (Consumers Association of Singapore) says it received 1829 complaints against the beauty industry last year. Of those, 344 were made by consumers who alleged pressure-sales tactics, an 18-per-cent increase from 2017.

Case has sent warning letters to entities complained about, but despite that, the association continued to receive complaints about some stores, including Ecoin, Joyre (Jia Le Beauty), Nail Palace, Salon One Beauty, and Tokyo Bust.

Consumer tips

Meanwhile, Case has the following advice to consumers who plan to purchase beauty services:

  • Patronise a CaseTrust-accredited spa-and-wellness businesses. These businesses offer a five-day cooling-off period for consumers to seek a refund of unused services if they do not wish to proceed with the packages signed. These businesses also provide a stress-free treatment as they are not allowed to engage in sales pitches during the treatment.
  • Exercise your right and walk away from a dubious deal with unclear terms or aggressive pressure-sales tactics. Be polite but firm when stating your refusal. You can consider bringing a friend or family member along and/or call the police if you are barred from leaving. Remember that you always have the right to walk away and should never be restrained from leaving.
  • If you start to feel overwhelmed, uneasy or intimidated during the sales pitch, request to stop the treatment session and leave the premises. Refrain from making any financial commitments.
  • Beware of “special discount” or “one-time only” offers. Staff may take the opportunity to push packages and leave little time for consideration.
  • Seek medical consultation. Before committing to any beauty treatment or packages, it is advisable to seek the opinion of a medical doctor. 


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