Avon launches ‘clean beauty’ range Avon Distillery

Avon has launched its new beauty brand Avon Distillery, which it claims delivers “clean beauty without compromise”.

The Avon Distillery range includes nine concentrated make-up and skin-care products, seven of which are waterless. The new collections are formulated with pure and vegan-friendly ingredients, as its customers are now more aware of the impact of beauty products on their skin and on the environment.

“Compelling concepts like clean beauty without compromise not only keep Avon relevant and on-trend in the fast-moving, modern beauty space, but help make our representatives a destination,” said James Thompson, chief beauty and brand officer at Avon. 

“It’s an important step for Avon and is the result of years of research to deliver the highest-performing clean-beauty products available on the market at an accessible price.” 

The five Avon Distillery skincare products have been launched already and the make-up range will follow next year. 


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