22 Factor launches on-demand 3D knitting service

Knitwear lifestyle brand, 22 Factor is letting designers create their own garments with a new on-demand 3D knitting service. 

Fung Group-linked 22 Factor’s technology is described as a waste-minimising whole-garment production technology, as it allows designers to produce small volumes of stock in a short period of time.

The 3D knitting technology features an HD virtual sampling which allow designers to customise and visualise their designs without creating a physical sample in the traditional manual way. Using Shima Seiki’s wholegarment technology, the manufacturing process is shortened by 92 per cent while the quality of the garment remains. 

“At 22 Factor, we have a role in driving the positive change we want to see in this industry. We constantly look for new ways, namely by using technology, to optimise our production process for a smarter and more sustainable supply chain,” said Dorothy Pun, founder of 22 Factor and VP of Cobalt Fashion. 

“On-demand manufacturing helps to tackle the issue of wastage in the fashion industry and we aim to expand this service to bigger players in the future to drive mass adoption of the technology.”

Targeting small- to mid-sized brands and independent designers, 22 Factor hopes to reduce waste production and make a more sustainable impact on the fashion industry. 

22 Factor is owned by Cobalt Fashion, a joint venture between Fung Group and Hony Capital.


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