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Singapore franchises honoured at FLA Awards

Sixteen outstanding franchises in Singapore have been awarded at the FLA Awards 2019, organised by Franchising and Licensing Association (FLA).

Orchestrating the collaboration imperative

FMCG manufacturers and retailers understand the importance of collaboration, but it has historically been difficult to implement a consistent approach. 

Why brands should embrace the second-hand luxury market

New research shows that global sales in the second-hand luxury market are expected to grow at an average rate of 12 per cent year-on-year.

Fashion brands must embrace sustainable packaging, says GlobalData

Brands and retailers need to take a look at the wider supply chain and move beyond the goods to embrace sustainable packaging, warns GlobalData.

Singapore retail sales ease down in August

Singapore retail sales eased down by 1 per cent year on year in August, after excluding motor vehicle sales, and rose on July.

Hong Kong retail sales crash by steepest rate on record

Hong Kong retail sales crashed 23 per cent in August as extradition-bill protests saw stores shuttered and visitors staying away.

Mana! looks abroad as plant-based, whole-foods business matures

Fast-casual, plant-based whole-foods retailer Mana! Is eyeing further expansion both within Hong Kong and abroad after refining its format in multiple city locations.

FMCG giants commit to restoring biodiversity at Climate Action Summit

Leading FMCG companies including Nestlé, Kellogg Company, Danone, Mars and Unilever have formed a new coalition aimed at protecting and restoring biodiversity within their supply chains and product p…

Three innovations Asian retailers are prioritising for next year

Tofugear has published its annual Asia Digital Transformation Report, in which 150 Asian retail leaders and executives spokes of their innovation plans.

Thinkware opens flagship dash cam store in Singapore

Thinkware Singapore has opened a new flagship store.

MPH Bookstores back with new concept store

New MPH store launches in Singapore two months after closing its last outlet

Singapore brands get gateway to China through Kinofy-run festival

Singapore brands from the beauty, health and lifestyle sectors are about to gain additional exposure in Mainland China.