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Acquisition boosts Dasin Retail Trust income 23 per cent

Singapore’s Dasin Retail Trust has posted a 23.1 per cent year-on-year increase in net property income to S$57.3 million last year.

Shiqi Metro Mall golden egg for Dasin

Acquired last June, Shiqi Metro Mall has proved a profit booster for Dasin Retail Trust.

Dasin Retail Trust has ‘stellar’ first half

Dasin Retail Trust Management reports “stellar performance” for its first half.

Dasin Retail Trust buys Shiqi Metro Mall

Dasin Retail Trust Management has agreed to buy Shiqi Metro Mall and Shiqi Rental Management Company at a substantial discount.

Dasin Retail Trust launches IPO in Singapore

Dasin Retail Trust, which has three shopping malls in China, seeks to raise US$84.3 million through an IPO.


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